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It is my heart’s desire to help children who aren’t lucky enough to have a loving home, to help as many children as possible, all over the world and to let them feel that they matter and that they are valuable.

These children are entitled to an opportunity for a better life. The Colours of our heart path from the Wilga Zibel Foundation will offer them this opportunity in a understandable, playful and creative way. The children will get tools to become aware of their own strength, self-confidence and talents. We support them to make their own foundation on which they can build their life.

When you know and feel that you are okay, you have the courage to take your place with love and respect and to give other people their place without feeling insecure. It will enable children to find their own place in life. The joy of life will increase.

Who am I? Who are you?
How can we get along without losing ourselves?

These are issues that will become clear during the course.


Colours of our heart path

For years I have walked a bumpy road with many obstacles, while wondering who I am and what my mission in this life is.
Not everyone has the opportunity to follow their path in life and to find the answers.
Sometimes you lose your way.
Sometimes your ‘inner’ child did not get any opportunities.
Gradually I have found my path. And I have translated my experiences into the Colours of our heart path. For years I have shared these thoughts with many others.

My mission: on the road together to a world with a greater sense of peace.

Wilga Zibel Foundation – Colours of our heart

A happy face, eyes full of hope, that is my goal.
To help a child forward to a future full of possibilities.

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