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Apart from our own investment in the Wilga Zibel Foundation, additional funding is received from grants, donations and other forms of support.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

With the help of sponsors and partners we will be able to give many children a chance – children who really need this. It gives them an opportunity to build a future and fulfilling lives with trust and faith in themselves.

If you are touched by this beautiful project, I am very happy to explain more in a personal meeting

Do you have a target group and do you want to apply for this course? I am always willing to discuss possibilities. It might result in a beautiful cooperation.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️.

handtekening Wilga Zibel


illustrator Inge Ingrid

logo Inge Ingrid - coachcreation

logo Inge Ingrid – coach creation

A part of the proceeds of the products she sells in her webshop goes to the trajectory Colours of our heart.

Jan Brouwer & Judith Zijlstra

logo D&C

logo D&C

Horen Zien Doen - totaalbeleving

Xiomara Charel

Yvonne ten Wolde

I believe that we are on this earth to support each other. Do you want to give children a chance by letting them follow the Colours of the heart path?

Click on the button below and donate a fixed amount of a figure of your own choice.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart 😇.

Wilga Zibel Foundation – sponsoring
Naturally it is possible for you to contact me first – by phone, email or skype.
You can find the contact details on my contact page.
handtekening Wilga Zibel

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My priority will be to develop the Colours of our heart path for the children.

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