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Colours of our heart

You are such a lovely child!” my teacher told me, while she affectionately held my little face between her hands and looked me in the eye full of warmth. I was eight years old at that time.

At that precise moment something important happened within me. A little seed of hope was planted, a prospect of a future less dark than I had imagined. This encouraged my ambition to make a better future for myself.

The teacher has been my bright spot and a huge example. She has given my life meaning by letting me feel my own worth. That is when I decided … this is what I want to give to other children who do not feel worthy.

I am touched by what I see and experience and I want to contribute to the future of the children of our planet.

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We don't want charity; we want opportunities

Wilga Zibel Foundation – Colours of our heartIt is a fact, that the cycle of disadvantaged and loveless lives can only be broken by giving a perspective for the future. When a child gets a better life, he can pass this on to his own children and create more loving homes.

my mission

Heal the world, make it a better place (Michael Jackson)

I belief that we are here on the earth to support each other instead of working against each other.

I want to create a world together in which harmony and peace have a place with equal opportunities.
Yes, of course, this a very idealistic and it will happen in small steps.
But together we can make it possible!

The Wilga Zibel Foundation was born from my heart’s desire. I want to share all my knowledge, my wisdom, but most importantly my heart with all the children who need this. I hope to be able to put many lights in the eyes of children, together with my team. Colourful opportunities for all children.

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