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Colours of our heart

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“You are such a lovely child!” my teacher told me,
while she affectionately held my little face
between her hands and looked me in the eye.
I was eight years old at that time. OAt that precise moment something important happened within me. A little seed of hope was planted, a prospect of a future less dark than I had imagined.
This encouraged my ambition to make a better future for myself.
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It touches me what I see and experience
and I want to contribute
to the future of the children
of our planet.

info about Colours of our heartdid you know …

Did you know …

Colours of our heart is the new name of Kleuren-Wijs,
a way of thinking I have developed 17 years ago.
I have chosen a new name because the old name
did not cover the new developments in my work.
Colours of our heart is a more fitting name.
After all everybody wants a colourful heart.

I believe
that we are here
on the earth
to support each other
instead of working
against each other.

to the introduction about Colours of our heartmy mission

Wilga Zibel
Of course, this a very idealistic
and it will happen in small steps.
Together it is a possibility!

about Wilga Zibeltogether on our way

Wilga Zibel Foundation – Colours of our hearttogether on our way to a promising future
Will you help? You can make the difference!

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